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An inconspicuous vest, a damaged pot, a dirty cloth with an embroidered picture… Maybe for someone it is worthless, old and anonymous objects – for us these are priceless relics hiding the stories of their owners: a child who survived the frost wrapped in much too large clothes; a family who had some food obtained with the risk of their life to cook; wives and daughters who found the strength to survive thanks to one such an unusual message from their husband and father.

Thousands of our exhibits —- documents, photographs, everyday objects — appeal to us. They tell stories in a very vivid way and stimulate the imagination. And they never lie.

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Do you store memorabilia from the past, which slowly but irretrievably deteriorate and only a few people are interested in their origin? Give them to the Sybir Memorial Museum. We will take care of them, protect them against the passage of time and give them a new life by showing them to thousands of people and telling their stories.

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Katarzyna Śliwowska – The menager of the Collections Department

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