The sewing machine of the Sitarski Family - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

The sewing machine of the Sitarski Family

“My grandma, Sokolnikowa,, got the machine as her wedding gift. My mother remembered the machine from her early childhood. She played in the cover of the machine, it was a dolls’ room. (…) Those, who took us, tried to convince the mother to take the sewing machine, that it would be useful, she would make a living thanks to it. My mother and grandmother had a consultation because there was such a psychosis that they would take fifty kilometers away and liquidate the whole company. Nevertheless, mom took the machine. The machine was taken, but very quickly something happened to it. I don’t remember if any element was missing, if the needle was broken… and the machine was immobilized. But it came back with us and was still used by my mother. And it’s still active.”

(from Ewa Sitarska’s memoirs)

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