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Rent an exhibition

Do you want to spread the knowledge about the important events from the history of Poland? Rent one of our temporary exhibitions.

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We offer an amount of exhibitions to rent, we also give license to copy them. Get familiar with the whole offer.

More information about the terms of rental can be obtained by the Marketing and Sales Departament in the Sybir Memorial Museum, Węglowa 1 Street, Bialystok.

Exhibition „Sybir in pencil of Alina Maliszewska”

Exhibition „Polish Operation” of NKVD 1937-1938

Exhibition „From deportation to the uplands of science. Polish explorers of Syberia”

Exhibition „Piłsudski – Independent – Sybir. The Sybir Memorial in the Independent”

Exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of regaining the independence: „Through Sybir to Independent – following Independent to Sybir”

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