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Basia Świderska’s book

Jak to na wojence ładnie. Zbiór polskich pieśni żołnierskich i patriotycznych w łatwym układzie fortepianowym J. Barańskiego” (“It is so pretty during war. A collection of Polish soldier and patriotic songs for an easy piano system by J. Barański”) was published by Polish Publishing House in Glasgow. It was given to Basia Świderska by Polish Deputation in Baghdad on Christmas 1943.

Basia’s parents, Aleksander and Helena, and her sister Hanna were deported on 10th February 1940 from Białowieża. Aleksander was an inspector in Polish National Forest Office in Białowieża. Świderski family went to Newsybirsk circuit. They left USSR in 1942 with Anders’ Army. They went to Palestine through Persia (Iran)

Basia was born in 1943 in Teheran. In 1947 Świderski family went to refugee camp in Great Britain. They never returned to Poland.

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