The Accessible Museum - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

The Accessible Museum

We want the prepared items to get to as many people as possible, that is why we have prepared the amount of solutions having the influence on accessibility.

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The Accessible Museum

We would like to invite you for a trip through the historical borderlands, the vastness of taiga and the Kazakh Steppe. We will be led by the memories of the departed people and the histories locked in the unique items belonging to the departed Poles.


We want those stories to get to as many visitors as possible, to be accessible. That is why we have prepared for instance: audio guides with PJM translator and audio description, a miniature model of a permanent exhibition and 3D exhibits models. For those, who want some relief, we have prepared the silent room.

The conveniences related to the accessibility of the exhibition are not all. Also during the educational activities and workshops we remember about the needs of children and adults with different disabilities.


We also took care of the architectural accessibility. Visitors with disabilities can use additional parking spaces, adapted entrances to the building and the exhibition. There are elevators in the building taking into account the needs of people with disabilities. It is also possible to rent equipment for people with physical disabilities: walking frames and prams.

An assistance dog is always welcome.

Everything is supervised by employees and disability coordinators. Necessary information and news are presented in a special tab “Muzeum Dostępne” (“Accessible Museum”) on our website, created in accordance with the rules of WCAG 2.1.


The Sybir Memorial Museum has received recommendations as a place that provides accessibility to people with special needs. All thanks to the support and consultations of the reliable team of Fundacja Kultury bez Barier (the Culture Without Barriers Foundation).

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Foundation’s activities at

In case of any questions about the accessibility please contact our coordinator:

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