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We encourage you to get familiar with the possibilities of guided tours.

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Do you appreciate individual contact with a mentor, you would like to get answers to questions and get to know the curiosities collected through the years by compete guides. Such tours are a perfect chance to develop your knowledge related to exile and the presence of Poles in Sybir. Guides, who have a certificate of the Sybir Memorial Museum will tell you about our exhibition and the specification of our actions, answer your questions and give you useful directions.


Do you like tours with the support of a person perfectly oriented in the museum space?

We would like to encourage you to guided tours.

Guided tours on the permanent exhibition are toured by the certificated guides cooperating with the Sybir Memorial Museum. If your are interested in such a tour, we would like to ask you for individual contact with a guide. Remember, to contact with a guide in advance. Pay attention to the fact, that with one guide maximally 25 people can come in. If your group is bigger, you need two guides, so everyone can enter the exhibition in approximate time.

Cost of guided tours — ticket price + the price of a guide (price to be individually established with a guide)


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