A Picture of Stanisława Grabanowska - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

A Picture of Stanisława Grabanowska

Stanisława Sieczyło was born in 1914 in Wierzchlesie. In 1933 she started her job in Zlota Wies precinct. In 1935 she married Wacław Grabanowski. On 10 February 1940 she was departed with her husband to poselok in the Irkutsk Oblast. After the amnesty her husband got to Anders’ Army, she went to Alma-Ata. In 1946 she returned to the country. Her husband returned to the Motherland one year later.

On the other site of the photography there is a dedication from February 6, 1942, starting with the words: “To my beloved husband in lasting memory…”.

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