Exhibition “Sybir in pencil of Alina Maliszewska” - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

Exhibition “Sybir in pencil of Alina Maliszewska”

Unusual drawings by Alina Maliszewska are a visualization of her own experiences and the experiences of other Sybiraks.

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Alina Maliszewska is an icon of Polish film animation, a co-author of cartoon series such as “Dziwne Przygody Koziołka Matołka” (“The Strange Adventures of Matolek the Billy-Goat”), “Baśnie i waśnie” (“Fairy tales and Feuds”) and “Proszę słonia” (“Please, Mr Elephant”), as well as the director of forty animated films, including for adults. She was a recognized artist, screenwriter and set designer.

Her unusual drawings became the basis of the exhibition and publication available in the bookstore of the Sybir Memorial Museum.


The exhibition consists of a platform, four information boards and a symbolic album. In the case of a small exhibition space, only one information board with a description of the exhibition may be used.


  • overall size after folding: 145 cm wide x 90 cm deep x 50 cm high
  • size of each element: 77.5 cm wide x 90 cm deep x 50 cm high


  • Four boards, 70 x 170 cm, blackout fabric 440 g/m2, durst printing.


  • Total size: 72 x 62 cm
  • Picture pages: 70 x 60 cm blackout fabric 440 g/m2, durst printing

Detailed information on the terms of the loan is provided by the Marketing and Sales Department

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