April events at the Sybir Memorial Museum - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

30 March 2023

April events at the Sybir Memorial Museum

April at the Sybir Memorial Museum is another edition of the Exhibit of the Month series and a two-day conference about the most important issues concerning centuries-old Polish-Siberian relations. We encourage you to get familiar with the schedule of events.

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April Exhibit of the Month

April in Poland is a month of special remembrance of the victims of the Katyn Massacre. It was in April 1940 when the Soviets began executing Polish prisoners. They murdered almost 22,000 people in total. Polish citizens detained in NKVD prisons and special camps. This crime also affected the Niwiński family, whose memorabilia we present as the April Exhibit of the Month.

The presentation will take place on April 13, 2023, at 10:00 a.m at the Sybir Memorial Museum.

Free admittance.

“Siberia and Poland — common places in literature and history” — conference at the Sybir Memorial Museum

The conference entitled “Siberia and Poland — common places in literature and history” will be held at the Sybir Memorial Museum on April 20-21, 2023. The organizers of the conference aim to analyze the most important issues concerning the centuries-old Polish-Siberian relations. These will include literary parallels, connections between Poland and Siberia in painting and music, the image of Siberia in ego-documents, the myth of Siberia and an exile, and finally the culture and Polish society in Siberia — journalism, activities of Polish researchers, problems of adaptation and identification of Siberian Poles.

The conference will be attended by the members of the so-called Siberian Commission with professor Zbigniew Wójcik at the head. Each day, introductory lecture will be given by a celebrated researcher of the subject of Siberia. Papers will be delivered by the scientists from the universities all over Poland, as well as the representatives of the Polish Academy of Sciences and museums — including the Sybir Memorial Museum.

The conference is organized by the Mieroszewski Centre, the Sybir Memorial Museum and the  Student Scientific Association for Dialogue and Cooperation with the East operating at the Department of Russian Studies (at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics) of the University of Warsaw.

Detailed program: https://sybir.bialystok.pl/konferencja-syberia-polska/

Free admittance.

Guided Tours Sundays

In April, we continue the campaign that met with a great response from the audience in March. Every Sunday (except Easter) at 9.45 a.m an employee of the Sybir Memorial Museum with the rights of a guide will show our guests around the permanent exhibition.

Tickets cost 35 PLN (regular) and 30 PLN (reduced). Ticket booking and purchase are available by phone, e-mail (+48 85 672 36 00, e-mail: bilety@sybir.bialystok.pl), in person at the Museum ticket office and on our website: BUY A TICKET HERE

Free admittance — Since April on Wednesday

Since April, you will be able to visit the Sybir Memorial Museum free of charge on Wednesdays.

Admission to the exhibition will be possible after picking up a free entry at the ticket office of the Museum at Węglowa 1 in Białystok — advance reservation is not possible. There is also no possibility to visit the permanent exhibition with a guide during free Wednesdays.

No fee applies only to an entrance ticket to visit the permanent exhibition. All the other services, including: renting an audio guide and renting a tablet with the multimedia guide application are payable and cost respectively 10 PLN and 20 PLN.

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