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16 July 2021

The Sybir Memorial Museum is preparing a wide educational offer

Two months before the opening, intensive preparations are underway to welcome the first visitors. In addition to the opportunity to visit the exhibition, those willing will also be able to take part in educational activities.

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On September 17, the Sybir Memorial Museum will be officially opened. In addition to the possibility of visiting the permanent exhibition, those willing will be able to take part in various types of educational workshops. The activities prepared by the Museum team will allow the participants of the classes not only to gain knowledge directly related to the subject of the exhibition, but also to expand it with interesting additional content.

Visitors of the Museum will be able to participate in many educational activities in which we will use modern technologies. As a part of the offer, addressed to various groups of recipients, the following has been prepared:

  • workshops for schoolchildren at all stages of education,
  • lectures, lectures and cyclical classes for adults and seniors,
  • workshops for the whole family,
  • historical and cultural events.

Participants of the educational activities will be introduced to both the stories of those exiled to Sybir during World War II, as well as the amazing biographies of Poles, who built their careers in Siberia in the 19th century. Those, who are curious about the world will have the opportunity to learn about the Siberian fauna and flora as well as the cultures of indigenous tribes.

The educational offer will be launched in October, and along with it the first classes.

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