The Museum Council approved the implementation report for 2023 - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

9 February 2024

The Museum Council approved the implementation report for 2023

On Friday, February 9, 2024, the Museum Council met at the Sybir Memorial Museum. Some of its members took part in the meeting by transmission links.

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The Supervisory Board of the Sybir Memorial Museum is international. Its members, among others, include outstanding scientists:

• Professor Albin Głowacki – Chairman

• Przemysław Tuchliński – Vice-Chairman

• Kordian Borejko

• Arunas Bubnys, PhD

• Professor Nikołaj Ivanow

• Pietro Rogacień

• Jan Snopko, PhD, Associate Professor, Professor of the University of Białystok

• Waldemar Franciszek Wilczewski, PhD

During the meeting, the Museum’s implementation report for 2023 was approved and the intensive work of the Scientific Department — the President Seweryn Nowakowski Research Institute was discussed.

The primary goal of the department is to conduct scientific research and disseminate knowledge related to the subject of exiles, deportations and the fate of citizens in Siberia and the former lands of the eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Scientific Department currently cooperates closely with other organizational units in the Museum in terms of providing substantive support for undertaken activities. As the Manager, Marcin Zwolski, PhD, pointed out, the department conducts numerous archival, library and Internet research in domestic and foreign institutions. Thanks to the project of collecting written and spoken testimonies, we have managed to collect 350 audio and video reports and over 170 memories from Poland and the world. The Scientific Department also organizes scientific conferences, its employees are active participants in domestic and foreign conferences. The department’s tasks also include publishing activities. Within six years, 45 publications were published. Since 2022, our portal ‘The World of Sybir’ (“Świat Sybiru”) has been dynamically developing. You can find numerous popular science and journalistic texts, photos, as well as photo reports, documentaries, witness accounts and podcasts.

The Museum Council operates at every state and local museum. Its task is to supervise the implementation of the museum’s statutory objectives. The Council also evaluates and gives opinions on the annual report and annual activity plan presented by the Director. The term of office of the Council shall be four years.

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