The Long Night of Museums — the first guided tour - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

14 May 2022

The Long Night of Museums — the first guided tour

We are glad, that so many of you decided to visit the Sybir Memorial Museum this night.

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Long before 7.00 p.m. there was a long line of people interested in visiting our permanent exhibition, that is why we accelerated the reception of our guests.

The first group was guided by the director of the museum, professor Wojciech Śleszyński. Visitors went an unique path, which had been prepared at the permanent exhibition for this night.

— A few months ago, when we were opening the museum, we were speaking about history, the events from 80 years ago. The history caught up with us, the events happen again — said professor Śleszyński. — Today, the citizens of Ukraine experience the drama of deportation deep into Russia.

Visitors had the opportunity to see for instance the arranged interior of a carriage, in which deportees travelled for weeks deep into the Soviet Union. — My words cannot express what did those people experience. — admitted the director of the museum. — That’s why it is worth to come back to us to peacefully visit the exhibition and listen to the authentic stories of Sybiraks.

In the end of the tour some of the guests shared the stories of their families: — My great grandparents went the Anders’ trail — said one of the women. — If we have in our family someone, who experienced Sybir, let’s write relations — stressed professor Śleszyński. Documents will stay forever, even if they are not available in the Russian archive. But when a Sybirak dies, we lose the source, that cannot be regained. — he stressed. — It is our duty: to remember.

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