The Long Night of Museums 2022 at the Sybir Memorial Museum - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

6 May 2022

The Long Night of Museums 2022 at the Sybir Memorial Museum

Director of the Sybir Memorial Museum, professor Wojciech Śleszyński, PhD, together with the team invites for the unique thematic path of the permanent exhibition and the presentation of unusual paintings. Only that night!

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Our museum at the headquarters at Węglowa Street has been operating for less than eight months, so it is the first Long Night of Museums we have the chance to take part in. Let’s meet at night, on Saturday, May 14.

„In Soviet Hell” — special thematic path

Each of our guests will have the opportunity to get to know the exposition in the company of a qualified guide. The thematic path “In Soviet Hell” has been prepared on the basis of our exhibition especially for the Long Night of Museums and will be available only during this night. Subsequent entries will only take place in groups starting their tours every quarter of an hour from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (last admission).

The exhibit of the month — paint memories from the inhuman land

For this night we have also prepared the premiere of the series “The exhibit of the month”. Every month the Sybir Memorial Museum will present another object from our still growing collection, that — at least for now — cannot be seen on a daily basis at the permanent exhibition.

The premiere commits, that is why our first “exhibit of the month” will be extraordinary — we are going to present never shown before in Poland paintings by Alicja Romana Edwards. The canvases present the siberian experiences of the author, who as a child was deported with her family from the vicinity of Lviv to Kazakhstan. She got out of there with the Anders’ Army. After the evacuation of the army to Persia, young Alicja met an American soldier, her future husband. Mrs. Edwards is still alive and works on her canvases in Eureka, Montana, USA to this day.

It is worth to remember that the museum still accepts documents and personal souvenirs related to Sybir. We thank our current donors, Sybiraks and the members of their families for their generosity and trust, without which we could not exist!

Polish Sybir over the years and generations — mapping

Using the night aura we will also present the mapping, displayed on the facade of the museum’s building from the side of Poleska Street. Everyone, who at the time of the Long Night of Museums pass by our facility will see the moving animation about what Siberia was and is for the generations of Poles. While waiting for the entrance to the permanent exhibition we encourage you to take a walk around the illuminate building, have a talk with the museum workers and visit the museum shop.

The Long Night of Museums 2022 at the Sybir Memorial Museum

Saturday, May 14, from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

We cordially invite you!

PGE Group S.A. is an official partner of the event.

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