The Light of Rememberance - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

17 September 2022

The Light of Rememberance

On the 83rd anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, and also the Sybirak Day, the Light of Remembrance shone on the tracks in front of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

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Sybiraks, representatives of Białystok authorities headed by President Tadeusz Truskolaski and the inhabitants of Białystok came to the Museum to pay tribute to those who did not return from the ‘inhuman land’.

When the people lit candles and placed them on the tracks running along the building, the employees of the Museum read fragments of memories of Sybiraks.

‘They put my father against the wall and forbade him to speak. And they told us: quickly, within twenty minutes you have to pack, because you will leave. I will never forget that night’ – this is the account of Wanda Olbromska, deported to Siberia on February 10, 1940.

This long and eventful day will end with a special illumination on the Museum building, which will be on display between 8.30 pm and 10.00 pm.

On Sunday, September 18 from 10.00 am, we invite children and youth from grades I-VIII to join the activities proposed by our educators. In turn, at 12.00 in the audiovisual room there will be a screening of the film ‘The Price of Liberation’ and a meeting with its director, Paweł Domański.

We would like to remind you that also on Sunday people who will visit the core exhibition in the company of a Sybirak will enter the exhibition for 1 zloty only.

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