Thank you for the Long Night of Museums 2022! - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

15 May 2022

Thank you for the Long Night of Museums 2022!

Thanks to all the visitors for the wonderful Long Night of Museums 2022 at the Sybir Memorial Museum!

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It was the first (since the opening weekend) such night at our museum. We prepared for our guests the unique guided path, the exhibition of Alicja Romana Edwards’ paintings and the projections of the films and mapping.

This night the museum shop was also open, in which visitors could get familiar with our wide offer of publications and souvenirs. The Mozaika restaurant was also open until the last guest.

As we previously mentioned the director of the museum, professor Wojciech Śleszyński gave a tour to the first group. He paid attention in his story to how actual — unfortunately — are the events that we show and explain at out exhibition: — A few months ago, when we were opening the museum, we were speaking about history, the events from 80 years ago. History caught up with us, the events happen again — he said. —Today, the citizens of Ukraine experience the drama of deportation deep into Russia.

The professor also stressed the fundamental role of memories and authentic relations of the witnesses of history at our permanent exhibition. He reminded about our duty to take care of the remembrance: — If we have in our family someone, who experienced Sybir, let’s write relations — stressed professor Śleszyński. Documents will stay forever, even if they are not available in the Russian archive. But when a Sybirak dies, we lose the source, that cannot be regained. — he said.

There were so many people interested and willing to visit our permanent exhibition with a guide, that it exceeded our expectations. We decided to extend the time of visiting and the last group entered the exposition after midnight. The surprise was waiting for them — professor Śleszyński was the group’s guide.

804 people visited us in total during the Long Night of Museums.

We would like to give special thanks to all of the museum workers for their effort and commitment.

PGE Group SA was an official partner of the Long Night of Museums at the Sybir Memorial Museum.

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