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9 February 2021

New restoration studio and technical stores are ready!

There is a new, modern restoration studio in the Sybir Memorial Museum. It is adapted to working mainly with paper objects.

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The Sybir Memorial Museum’s restoration studio consists of two parts: dry and wet. In the first one, thanks to minor tools such as chromatometer, stipple lamp, backlighted magnifying glass, microscope or pH-meter you can precisely examine preservation condition of objects and form their documentation. There are also devices, which enable sewing the books, preserving books’ spine, ironing and straightening the pages or thinning the skin.

In the wet studio works with the usage od water are conducted. Thanks to the right equipment, bathing of acidified objects, completion with paper pulp, structural strenghtening, mirroring ang glueing are possible. There is also a fume hood, which allows the staff to work safely with diluents as well as with toxic and acrid substances.

The objects which were cleaned and conserved will be put into the collection stores, equipped with modern, sliding rack system with electric drive. Thanks to the soft start and stop, the objects are completely safe during the sliding. The system of controlling the current flow and photocells will ensure that the rack will stop immediately after the user will appear on its way. The variety of racks (map rack, coin rack, racks with a net for paintings or a space to hang clothes) will guarantee that every exhibit will have its own, individual space. It’s worth emphasising that the racks can also be controlled via mobile application, which gives a possibility of programming an hour of sliding. It will give extra ventilation.

Total cost of equipping the restoration studio and stores is 781 097, 27 PLN.

It was realised from the funds of the city of Bialystok.

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