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25 January 2022

New issue of the magazine ‘Sybir’ on sale

An extensive and full of photos of the account of the opening of the Sybir Memorial Museum and historical articles by the eminent researchers. Enjoy your reading!

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A significant part of the 5th issue is occupied by the subject of ceremonial opening of the Sybir Memorial Museum. If you wanted to be with us during the opening weekend, but for various reasons you couldn’t be — the reading is for you.

If you were at the ceremony, all the more — maybe you will find here your picture? Information from the ceremony were twined with photo galleries and chosen reports in the media.

We also collected the reactions of our first guests (in less than two months the guests counter exceeded 10 000 people!).

In the next part we unveil a secret of our permanent exhibition, ‘looking’ into her interior. We show, inter alia a display case in which there are objects next to each other that, as it might seem, have nothing in common: a toy, a pot, an employee ID card or a musical instrument. The mystery of this exhibition is added by the fact that the exhibits are not signed in any way…

Magazine ‘Sybir’ above all consists of historical texts. Once more, we managed to invite eminent researchers and experts in Siberian issues to co-create this issue. The occasion was excellent, because we decided to devote the issue to the memory of Sybiraks and Sybir.

We are convinced that without this remembrance — maintained, passed down and cultivated first by the generations of Sybiraks, and then by their descendants and numerous scientific and social groups, our Museum would not have been established.

Magazine ‘Sybir’ can be bought at the ticket office of the Sybir Memorial Museum, in the museum’s stationary and online shop:

Enjoy your reading!

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