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19 May 2023

Museum for the Ukrainian Community: Vyshyvanka Day

On the third Thursday of May, the inhabitants of Ukraine celebrate Vyshyanka Day — when going to work or school, they put on clothes with characteristic embroidery. The Sybir Memorial Museum has created a space for the Ukrainian inhabitants of Białystok to celebrate the tradition that is important to them.

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— Vyshyvanka is the national Ukrainian costume. It is primarily a shirt with an embroidered pattern symbolizing spiritual wealth, wisdom and intergenerational connection. The Vyshyvanka Day was spearheaded by the students of the University of Chernivtsi in 2008. It quickly became a nationwide Ukrainian holiday” — explained the host of the meeting, Anna, a young Ukrainian who found shelter in Białystok in the spring of 2022 with her mother and younger sister.

— For centuries, Ukrainians believed that vyshyvanka is a kind of talisman that protects a person from evil. The decorations show life, freedom and happiness. Each embroidered stitch has a specific meaning, and each region has characteristic patterns — the audience heard.

— For over a year, Białystok has become your second home. We believe that the war will end soon, but while it lasts, make yourselves at home with us and celebrate your holidays — said the Mayor of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski. — I wish you to be able to celebrate the next Vyshyvanka Day wherever you want. Everyone misses home. We hope that together with the whole of Europe and the civilized world we will help you rebuild Ukraine and soon visit you.

Director of the Sybir Memorial Museum, professor Wojciech Śleszyński, in his speech recalled the activities undertaken by the Museum for the benefit of the Ukrainian community. — We invite you to a special sightseeing path, we have an audio guide in Ukrainian and activities for Ukrainian youth — he said. He also invited to participate in the next Memorial Peloton. — I am glad you are here and remember — the Sybir Memorial Museum is always open to you and your initiatives.

Two Ukrainian children in traditional costumes gave the Mayor of Białystok an embroidered shirt with a silver and blue pattern. — Silver thread shows the status of the recipient, blue, the color of water — brings health. Rhombuses protect and bring harmony in all actions — explained the host of the meeting.

After taking a souvenir photo, the children went to art workshops, and mothers and sitters went to embroidery workshops.

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