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28 September 2023

Museum Academy. Our proposals for the youngest students

On September 27, a group of primary school teachers took part in the first meeting of the “Museum Academy for Teachers” series during this school year.

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Our museum educators, Agnieszka Glińska and Krzysztof Kulling, presented the teachers with suggestions for activities and sightseeing paths prepared for students of I-III classes.

— We want to show teachers that our offer is adapted to the needs and cognitive level of the youngest students — said Agnieszka Glińska before the meeting. — In this way, we meet concerns which sometimes arise that the topics brought up by our museum are too serious for children.

— We show that Sybir is not only the war and cold. It is also the richness of Siberian nature and the culture of the local people — she said during the “Academy”.

— We approach the topic of Sybir gently, indirectly — explained Krzysztof Kulling. — During classes, we start by talking about national symbols and what hangs above the blackboard in the classroom. And was it always that way that they could be freely presented?

— When we talk about the war, we choose the vocabulary appropriately, it is simplified — said Agnieszka Glińska, adding: — You know from your experience that children cannot be kept in an information bubble. They have heard about the war, for example in the context of Ukraine, and they want to talk about it — she said. Her words were confirmed by the reaction of the gathered.

During the meeting, the teachers were not only listening to the information about individual workshops and sightseeing paths, but also became familiar with the teaching aids used during classes. VR goggles aroused particular interest. “Oh, what a big bear!”, “Is that a marmot?” — such shouts could be heard when the ladies were presented with Siberian nature.

The next item on the agenda was visiting the educational rooms and the permanent exhibition. While showing the teachers around the exhibition, the museum educator drew attention to the elements that, when visiting with the youngest, constitute starting points for conversations with children.

The full educational offer of the Sybir Memorial Museum and the registration form for classes can be found at the link:

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