Facilities for people with visual disabilities - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

25 October 2021

Facilities for people with visual disabilities

The Sybir Memorial Museum goes out towards the various needs of its guests.

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During the preparation of the permanent exhibition, solutions were planned with a view to, inter alia, visually impaired visitors.

Above all, for people with visual disabilities, we provide an audio guide with audio description for free.

In addition, before entering the exhibition, you can see the model of the entire exhibition and see how its space has been planned. The exhibition itself includes not only objects that can be seen, but also a comprehensive experience with all the senses.

First of all — these are the sounds that discreetly reflect the atmosphere of the places and events presented at the permanent exhibition. And most importantly — the stories of the Sybiraks themselves. In many places of the exhibition you can sit down and listen to the memories selected from the extensive Oral History Archive.

During your visit, you should also pay attention to… the floor, to what you can feel under your feet. The way around the pre-war Bialystok market square will be different, than the one through the room devoted to returns from Sybir.

Everyone knows that museum’s exhibits cannot be touched. But there is a solution: next to the selected showcases there are the models of the items placed in them, e.g. a gorget or a military canteen. By touching, you can also learn about the boundaries set on the maps, which on the first level of the exhibition serve as screens for displaying black and white films.

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