Facilities for people with hearing disabilities - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

12 November 2021

Facilities for people with hearing disabilities

The Sybir Memorial Museum has prepared facilities for visitors who use hearing aids or cochlears.

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We have installed induction loops both at the ticket office and at the permanent exhibition. All these places are marked with a special ear symbol with the letter T.

Seeing them, our guest can switch his/her hearing aid to a special loop mode. Sounds — e.g. from a microphone to which a cashier speaks or from the recordings demonstrated on the exhibition — with the help of a magnetic field will be picked up directly in a hearing aid, without distortions and background noise.

The loop can be used not only by one person, but also by a whole group of people who are within easy reach of the device at the same time. Thanks to induction loops, visitors of the Sybir Memorial Museum with hearing disabilities can comfortably buy a ticket and obtain information at our ticket office. At the exhibition, they will listen to the stories of the Sybiraks, as well as the soundtrack of the clips of the films that complement our exhibition.

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