Direction: Museum - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

Since 2017, at our invitation, representatives of Polish and foreign museums and research centers have come to Bialystok to talk and learn from each other.


Who were the people in the Soviet camps? How did a prisoner’s day look like? How many prisoners died? How did the returns look like? Looking for the answers to these questions was the aim of the participants of the first edition of the panel called: „Więzienna codzienność w sowieckich systemach obozowych” (“Everyday Prison Life in the Soviet Camp Systems of the Gulag Area”).

The second edition was held under the name „Odbiorca jako współtwórca nowoczesnego muzeum” (“Audiences as a co-Creators of Modern Museums”). Almost one hundred registered participants took part, mainly the representatives of Bialystok and regional museums and cultural institution.

The third edition got the form of the international panel discussion called: „O granicach w nowoczesnym przekazie muzealnym” (“About Limits in a Modern Museum Message”). The invited panelists and guests, representing mainly the museum habitat were analyzing the shaping of the limits of modern museum’s message related to the totalitarian crimes.

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