Conference before the 6th Sybir Memorial Run. Check out this year's medal - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

30 January 2024

Conference before the 6th Sybir Memorial Run. Check out this year’s medal

On Tuesday, January 30, at a press conference at the Sybir Memorial Museum, new information regarding this year’s edition of the Sybir Memorial Run was provided to the media.

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The meeting with representatives of media was attended by the Mayor of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski, the coordinator of the Sybir Memorial Run on behalf of the Museum — Krzysztof Kulling and the President of the Białystok Runs Foundation — Grzegorz Kuczyński.

We run to honor the memory of Sybiraks

The Sybir Memorial Museum and the Białystok Runs Foundation organize for the sixth time the event combining amateur sport and commemorating those who ended up in Siberia over several hundred years of Polish history.

— The aim of the Run is, of course, to promote the idea of remembering Siberia. We want as many people as possible to remember the suffering in the ‘inhuman land’, on ‘Golgotha of the East’, and on the other hand, it is also to promote our Museum, which — as I would like to remind you — was announced by the Council of Europe as the best museum of 2024 — he emphasized in his speech Tadeusz Truskolaski, Mayor of Białystok.

As always, the stationary race will take place in Białystok (on Saturday, February 10, in the Turczyński Forest), and for the second time — also in Wrocław (on Saturday, February 17, in the Solnicki Forest). This year, Zajezdnia History Center supports us in organizing the event in the capital of Lower Silesia.

Virtual run — the whole world, any pace

We invariably invite you to participate in the virtual Sybir Memorial Run. It starts on February 10 and will last until the end of February. It allows anyone interested to take part in the Run, regardless of their place of residence. Every year, many people from different countries, not only European ones, join the initiative.

The virtual edition also includes those who want to commemorate the people of Siberia, but do not feel able to run the distance at the pace typical of such a mass event.

— In the case of the Virtual Run, your condition or pace are not that important, because the 5 km distance can be divided into several stages or several days, you can run or march it, and then add up the result — said Krzysztof Kulling from the Educational and Cultural Projects Department, which coordinates the Run on the Sybir Memorial Museum side.

— All kilometers run or marched by participants will be added into the common pot. — added Kulling.

Run for a Sybirak

The campaign ‘I run for a Sybirak’ is combined with the Sybir Memorial Run:

— We put the name of the family of a Sybirak on our starting number. Those can be people from the biographies posted on the website or one of your friends or family — explained the Museum employee.

New arrangements — there will be a surprise!

As every year, the Sybir Memorial Museum prepares the artistic setting for stationary races. This is what Krzysztof Kulling said about this year’s arrangements:

— We have always focused on conveying content through sight, this year we focused on a different sense. I cannot reveal the details, you will see them on the route, but I assure you that the performances we have prepared will certainly make a big impression on the runners — he emphasized.

Grzegorz Kuczyński from the Białystok Runs Foundation emphasized:

— Since the first edition of the Sybir Memorial Run, it has always been a route through the woods. We want participants to experience this run with all their senses. It will be the woods, in the dark. There will also be performances. We hope that there will also be slight frost — he said.

A unique medal. Another exhibit with an extraordinary history

The Head of the Foundation also presented this year’s medal with another exhibit from the collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum (let us remind you — last year it was the violin of the Jąkała family).

— Each participant will receive a medal at the finish line. There’s a teddy bear on it. It’s a toy, but it has great sentimental value. This teddy bear was also deported, along with 7-year-old Renia. Today it is in the Sybir Memorial Museum — said Grzegorz Kuczyński.

The teddy bear ended up in Siberia, hugged by Renia Jackowska, who was deported with her mother from the Lviv area to the Irkutsk region. The mascot helped the girl survive deportation, stay in Siberia and evacuation from the Soviet Union together with Anders’ Army.

After the evacuation, the fate of the Jackowski family became intertwined with the fate of the Świderski family. Both families lived in the same house in Ain-Karem (part of Jerusalem). The teddy bear quickly became Basia Świderska’s favorite toy. When in 1946 the Jackowski family received permission to go to England, Renia gave the teddy bear to her friend as a souvenir. Years later, she donated it to the collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

You can see this exhibit at our permanent exhibition, on the ground floor, in a room with a large display case containing items brought from Siberia.

The last places left

Registration for the 6th Sybir Memorial Run is open, but the number of available places is gets less and less every day.

— Currently, there are almost a thousand people on the starting lists in Białystok and Wrocław. These are the last days to join, we only have about 150 places left for each stationary race — emphasized Grzegorz Kuczyński.

Registration and entry fees are accepted at


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