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16 May 2022

Common heritage of freedom — together for Ukraine

Ukrainian community in Bialystok and in Poland, and also propositions prepared for her – those are the main subjects of the press conference, which was held at the Sybir Memorial Museum on Monday May 16.

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Participants of the conference paid attention that aggression of Russian Federation towards Ukraine is a natural contexts for statements, which are studied by the institution.

— In the face of the ongoing war behind our east border the mission of the museum still gains in timeliness — said during the meeting Przemysław Tuchliński, Deputy Mayor of the City of Bialystok. — Institution, which was supposed to take care only of history is in a natural way today a place, in which cooperation towards documenting modern forced displacements can begin.

Professor Wojciech Śleszyński, PhD, director of the museum, spoke about the propositions of the institution addressed to Ukrainians. Soon, a series of workshops prepared in collaboration with Anastasija Mikhno, experienced psychologist and personal trainer, who to engaged in such a business in her hometown Kharkiv and online in the whole Ukraine will begin.

— In this part of Europe we realize what freedom is, we see the need of showing and explaining what we witness — said the director, assuring at the same time next initiatives addressed to Ukrainians and scientific and cultural projects, that will be held under the slogan ‘Common heritage of freedom — together for Ukraine’.

Anastasija Mikhno, also raised her voice at the conference talking about the series of workshops called ‘Stronger together’ prepared together with the museum. It’s a project which supports youth, dealing with adaptation difficulties.

— All the Ukrainians have such problems today. That’s why I give my thanks to the museum for understanding the problematic aspects of displaced people. Thanks to our cooperation we will have the possibility to get to the wider circle of interested people and support Ukrainian teenagers, strengthen them in their struggle with the difficult situation.

It is worth adding that all the materials related to the program will be published on the Museum’s pages to free use by all the interested institutions.

Group of Ukrainian refugees that are in Bialystok took part in the conference as special guests. Yet, before the meeting they had the possibility to see the museum exhibition. It is worth to mention that the Sybir Memorial Museum on the basic of the permanent exhibition prepared the special path for guests from Ukraine. Their guide during the tour was professor Wojciech Śleszyński, PhD, director of the institution.

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