A unique display of Alicja Romana Edward’s paintings - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

14 May 2022

A unique display of Alicja Romana Edward’s paintings

During the Long Night of Museums we not only share our exhibition, but we also show you unique exhibits: the display of Alicja Romana Edwards née Moskaluk’s paintings.

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This is the first – and uniquely comprehensive – presentation of the display “Exhibit of the Month”.

Moskaluk family lived in Chodorow, in the Lvov voivodeship and was deported to Kazakhstan on April 13, 1940. The family spend there three years of slave work, suffering from hard conditions, hunger and illnesses.

Young Alice got out of the soviet hell thanks to so-called Anders’ Army. Together with the army she evacuated to Persia (today Iran). There, in the Middle East, she met a young american soldier. As Mrs. Edwards she has visited many countries. Due to her husband’s military duties she lived inter alia in Japan.

Today she lives in the American state Montana, in Eureka, surrounded by her big family.

Mrs. Alice from her childhood years has been sensitive to beauty and interested in art. She processed her hard experiences into pictures and literary memoirs. She is the author of the books published in the USA: “And God Was Our Witness” and “They Called Us D.P.s”.

The collection of 13 paintings Mrs. Alicja Romana Edwards gave as a gift to the Sybir Memorial Museum. Today we present them to you for the first time. It can be seen in our space for the whole month.

The display „Exhibit of the Month” will allow us to show objects, which Sybiraks gave us in their honor. Many of them got to us, when the permanent exhibition was ready. One by one we will get them out of our magazines, so they can give testimony of history and be the sign of our thankfulness towards Sybiraks for their generosity.

We still accept documents, photos, family souvenirs, relations and memoirs. This is the basic of our mission: taking care of Sybir remembrance.

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