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21 April 2023

A roadless tale, that is kayaking through Siberia

We invite you to the next meeting in the series in which we host travelers and at the same time creators: writers, photographers, filmmakers.

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Zofia Piłasiewicz, the author of the book „Syberyjski sen. Opowieść bezdrożna” (“Siberian dream. A roadless tale”) will be the guest of the next meeting, which takes place on May 11, 2023 at the Sybir Memorial Museum.

The traveler will talk about her Trans-Siberian Railway trips, a march through the taiga and canoeing trips. Zofia Piłasiewicz flowed down the rivers of the Republic of Tuva — Yenisei, Chamsara and Ulug-O.

The meeting will be accompanied by a show of photos taken during the expeditions.

Tickets (10 PLN and 15 PLN) can be booked by phone or e-mail (+48 85 672 36 00, e-mail: bilety@sybir.bialystok.pl) and on the website of the Sybir Memorial Museum: bilety.sybir.bialystok.pl


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