We invite you to take a musical journey through Siberia with Bart Pałyga - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

20 December 2023

We invite you to take a musical journey through Siberia with Bart Pałyga

The next guest of the Sybir Memorial Museum will be Bart Pałyga, who is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He has learned traditional throat singing from masters from distant Tuva.

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Exceptionally, on Friday and at 5:00 p.m. — we invite you to our multimedia room for a meeting with the musician Bart Pałyga, who is a multi-instrumentalist, co-creator of many musical projects, and most importantly in the context of our meeting — the precursor of throat singing in Polish folk music.

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Bartłomiej Pałyga plays multiple instruments from various cultural areas. He started his career in the Yerba Mater band, which performed improvised music from India and Persia. In 2003, he won the New Tradition Festival organized by Polish Radio with this band. Ten years later, he won the Grand Prix of the same Festival, this time with the band Cicha & Spółka. Additionally, he was awarded with an individual award, Złote Gęśle.

He has performed and recorded music with famous artists such as Maria Pomianowska, Gendos, Masala, Village Kollektov, Karolina Cicha. He has conducted a number of workshops and programs.

Bart Pałyga is a musical experimenter, he performs both Polish and Middle and Far Eastern music. He plays: the cello, suka, kamancheh, sārangī, talharpa, the kobyz, the jew’s harp, and flutes and drums from various traditions. He is the precursor of the use of throat singing on the Polish musical stage. He learned difficult music-making techniques in Tuva. His musical mentors and teachers include such masters as the famous group Huun-Huur-Tu.

We invite you on Friday, January 19 at 5:00 p.m. to the meeting at the Sybir Memorial Museum, during which Bart Pałyga will talk about his musical journeys and traditional instruments and music of the areas associated with Siberia in its broadly understood context.

Tickets cost 15 PLN and 10 PLN, available at the ticket office and on our website.

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