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9 February 2021

The Third Sybir Memorial Run has started – virtually!

So far over 1200 people have joined the event but remember that you can still join us!

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Sybir Memorial Run is an event which aim is to commemorate the victims of the tragic events from 81 years ago- that is the first mass deportation of Polish citizens from the Eastern borderland taken by the Soviets.

On Februry 10, 1940 the first out of four mass deportation took place. It was conducted by Soviet authorities. Hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens were deported to Sybir.

Almost every family living on the grounds taken by the USRR was persecuted. Some people managed to return home but many deportees have never seen their homeland again.


The event will take place from 9th to 23rd of February. During this time the participants can run or march as many times as they want to. It is important to do it at least for 5 kilometres each time. All the kilometres run by the participants will be summed up. Thanks to that, we will be able to determine a city to which we managed to run together.

In the starter pack you can find, among others, a beautiful medal and sport winter hat.


Over 1200 people signed for the event so far. There are participants from all over the world. Next to the citizens of Poland we have contestants from Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, Norway, Scotland, USA or England.

Photos and stories made during running can be marked with #biegpamięcisybiru hashtag. Thanks to that, we will find the posts easily!

Useful links:

Official website:

Link to sign up (to February 23rd!):

Sybir Memorial Run’s Facebook page
Bieg Pamięci Sybiru.

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