The Second Siberian Ambient Salon is behind us - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

8 February 2024

The Second Siberian Ambient Salon is behind us

During the second Siberian Ambient Salon, the exhibition of the Sybir Memorial Museum turned into a space filled with fascinating sounds

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In the dark, atmospheric room with the letters SYBIR, one could hear, on the one hand, an extension of the musical background that accompanies visitors every day, and on the other hand, sounds inspired by throat singing and traditional instruments occurring, among others, in the Siberian Republic of Tuva.

 — The room where the Second Siberian Ambient Salon was held  was not chosen at random — ​​says Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano from the Educational and Cultural Projects Department. — This is, among others, the part of the exhibition that contains exhibits related to the peoples living in Siberia. In turn, the texture of the letters SYBIR imitates pine bark, also known as the Siberian cedar, so we have a reference to nature here. Additionally, on the other side of the letters contains the map that shows us the geography of Siberia — adds Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano.

The evening was opened by the originator of the ‘Ambient Salon’ series — Dtekk, and then a mysterious figure wearing a hood — Gaap Kvlt — took us on a musical journey. You could hear not only the elements of throat singing, but also sounds referring, among others, to Siberian nature.

  — Referring to my family history helped me a lot in preparing for this event, I don’t want to say too much about it, but it gave me some context. Me, in order to find myself in places I haven’t been to, I often use the Internet and look at what the place looks like, what the nature looks like there, what life is like there, how people speak and intone — emphasized the musician.

Over a hundred people listened to the unusual sounds that filled the museum exhibition. I think that such initiatives give space for interpretation. Music makes you look inside yourself. The sounds actually referred to the context of the place. I remember throat singing — said a participant of the Second Siberian Ambient Salon.

Another participant, in addition to the event formula, also appreciated the place, which is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. — I use a wheelchair, so I was able to easily get here and use the well-designed toilet. I will definitely visit the Museum again. Even if not for ‘ambient’ purposes, I will definitely visit the exhibition or eat at the restaurant. I hope that such initiatives will appear as often as possible — he emphasized. — It’s a cool initiative, you can come, focus, feel the music and imagine it. I highly recommend it to everyone — said another person.

The Siberian Ambient Salon prepared by the Sybir Memorial Museum together with the Up To Date Festival once again combined music with the commemoration of Sybiraks and their experiences.

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