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22 July 2021

The „RzeczyViste” installation hits the road in Poland

Everyday items, family photos or toys — such things will be shown in six Polish cities as part of the installation “RzeczyViste”.

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After a one year delay you will be able to see the installation “RzeczyViste”. This time it will appear in a few Polish cities. First stop is Suprasl. The installation can be seen in front of the community house on July 4.

“RzeczyViste” is an installation, whose aim is to pay attention to the faiths of the citizens of Poland deported deep into the Soviet Union in 1940-1941. Its unusual form is intended to intrigue and surprise the audience. It is a metaphor for an open suitcase. The items presented in it were selected to correspond to those that accompanied the people deported to Sybir.

The Author of the installation is Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano. Content-related supervision was conducted by Paweł Kalisz.

Six Places

“RzeczyViste” can be seen in six Polish cities. After Suprasl, the next stop will be Tykocin. In each place the employees of the Sybir Memorial Museum will tell about the installation and the Sybir Memorial Museum.

About the next places you will be able to read at out website.

Photo competition

The “RzeczyViste” installation is accompanied by a photo contest! It consists in taking up to two photos of any part of the installation.

  • The condition for taking part in the competition is filling in the form.
  • The photo should be taken with a camera or phone (vertically or horizontally).
  • Only objects included in the presented installation “RzeczyViste”, elements accompanying the installation and the caretakers of the artistic installation “RzeczyViste” can be photographed.
  • The technique of taking a photo is optional. Photos must be in JPG format. The maximum file size should be 16MB.
  • IMPORTANT! The photo should be sent within 7 days from the day of displaying the installation. (e.g. if the exhibition was presented on July 24, 2021, the deadline for sending photos is July 31, 2021).
  • The condition for participation in the competition is to send a scan of the completed form along with the photos taken to the following address: by writing in the subject of the message: Photo competition “RzeczyViste.

Detailed information can be found in the regulations.

Photo by: Krzysztof Karpiński

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