The Museum Council approved the report on our activities - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

21 December 2023

The Museum Council approved the report on our activities

On Thursday, December 21, 2023, a meeting of the Sybir Memorial Museum Council was held. The Council adopted a substantive report on the activities of our museum in 2023 and approved the plans and budget for the next year.

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The Museum Council operates at every state and local government museum. Its task is to supervise the implementation of the museum’s statutory actiones. The Council also evaluates and gives opinions about the annual report and annual activity plan presented by the director.

The Museum Council is appointed for a four years term. The Council of the Sybir Memorial Museum consists of: Professor Albin Głowacki — chairman, Przemysław Tuchliński – vice-chairman, Kordian Borejko, Arunas Bubnys, Wasyl Haniewicz, professor Nikołaj Ivanow, PhD, Pietro Rogacień, PhD, Jan Snopko; professor of the University of Białystok Waldemar Franciszek Wilczewski.

Some members of the Museum Council participated remotely in today’s meeting.

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