„Open-door education” - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

21 September 2022

„Open-door education”

Meetings with authors, workshops, trainings — the Sybir Memorial Museum has signed an important agreement.

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On Wednesday (September 21) during the conference for teachers organized as part of the “Open-door education” the Sybir Memorial Museum signed an agreement about partnership cooperation with the Municipal Centre of Methodology Counselling in Bialystok.

As part of the concluded agreement, a number of educational projects will be organized. Among them there will be, among others, meetings with authors, exhibitions, trainings, workshops, courses and conferences.

After signing the agreement, the conference participants took part in a meeting with Aneta Prymaka, the author of the book “Bieżeństwo1915. Forgotten Refugees” and were listening to songs from the interwar period performed by Bartosz Oszczędłowski (Interschool Cooperation Network Between Teachers of Social Sciences MCMC).

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