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6 May 2021

History with a modern twist

We are only 135 days away from the opening of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

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The opening of the Sybir Memorial Museum is a huge undertaking which, apart from the construction of the permanent exhibition and the purchase of the necessary equipment, also includes the purchase and installation of systems supporting the service of visitors.

On April 30, 2021, we closed the project “Implementation of a permanent exhibition and purchase of equipment for the Siberian Memorial Museum”, co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport as part of EU funds in the amount of PLN 6,783,630.07 (the remaining amount was covered from the budget of the City of Bialystok). The effects of the project, which has been carried out for over 3 years, with a total value of almost PLN 13 million, will soon be available to visitors.

So far, we have informed about the previously completed elements of the project: the construction of the permanent exhibition with the central art installation placed on it, the creation of an audioguide and the purchase of equipment for educational rooms. At the press conference which took place on May 5, 2021, we presented the last elements — the ticket sales and booking system and the multimedia guide system.

The Sybir Memorial Museum offers over 2,000 m2 of exhibition space, 159 showcases, 29 projectors and 95 audio devices, 9 multimedia kiosks and 99 symbolic stelae. It’s also 1,167 seconds of movies, 589 seconds of animation, 6109 seconds of audio recordings and 299 interactive points at kiosks. However, the Sybir Memorial Museum is above all a place of genuine emotions, where visitors will be able to walk through the exhibition guided by the authentic voices of Sybiraks.


At the Sybir Memorial Museum, we tried to use multimedia skillfully, but also not to overdo it. For all those who love them and can never get enough of them, we have prepared a sightseeing option with the support of additional, specially prepared multimedia. This possibility will be provided by the multimedia guide system. A tablet borrowed at the Museum ticket office, or a free application downloaded on your own device, will allow you to immerse yourself in unique animations that are not available anywhere else.

Fans of educational games will be able to try their hand at quizzes and games — for example, playing the defender of a Polish city attacked by armored units of the Red Army. The multimedia guide system also allows you to see in detail how the exhibits in a glass case look and even work.

The system also includes tablets with a mode for conducting lessons and workshops for school children and youth, as well as cameras and mobile projectors. Extremely attractive lessons and workshops will be conducted on the basis of a virtual journey through the Siberian taiga and the Kazakhstani steppe, which will be enabled by VR goggles. The last element are multimedia tables that can be used by museum visitors after the tour is over or waiting for the tour to begin.


A modern cultural institution should be equipped not only with a modern ticket sales, booking and control system, but also with tools for the distribution of products, educational and guide services, and for managing the availability of the entire space.

It is with such a comprehensive system that we have equipped the Siberian Memorial Museum. Thanks to it, the purchase of all items from the Museum’s offer will be possible both stationary (at traditional cash registers and a self-service point) and on the Internet through a clear and intuitive interface.

The system, designed especially for the needs of the Museum, also allows for flexible traffic management. Counting gates for visitors to the exhibition will allow for dynamic adjustment of the pool of available tickets. Modern ICT solutions combined with the ticket purchase and booking system will also allow for smooth handling of cruise traffic.

The entire system operated by appropriately trained employees will undoubtedly help to maximize the comfort of visitors to the Sybir Memorial Museum.

The described solutions were presented at the above-mentioned press conference, which was held at the Sybir Memorial Museum.

We encourage you to watch the rebroadcast of this event at this link: Press conference at the Sybir Memorial Museum..

The project “Implementation of the permanent exhibition and purchase of equipment for the Sybir Memorial Museum” is implemented under Measure 8.1 Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources, the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014—2020.

Realized from the budget of the City of Bialystok.

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