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27 January 2022

The museum still accepts new exhibits

The Sybir Memorial Museum keeps looking for and collecting souvenirs related to the fates of Sybiraks.

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Although the works on the permanent exhibition have been finished it doesn’t mean that the museum does not look for and does not collect souvenirs related to the fates of Sybiraks. Quite the opposite!

We want to encourage everyone who has such materials in their home to contact the Collection Department.


Phone number: 85 672 36 07

E-mail: or

Various objects get to the Sybir Memorial Museum: suitcases, devotional objects, everyday objects and personal belongings and also a lot of archives and photographs, also in the form of scans or copies. All of them are under professional care, stored in specialized packaging and in warehouses with appropriate temperature and humidity. Exhibits that require the intervention of a conservator are sent to a modern conservation workshop, adapted to work with paper objects. That is where the damaged parts of the document are rebuilt or the broken parts of the certificate are merged together.

Paper objects are particularly susceptible to damage. Even too much light or pollution in their environment have a negative impact on them.

All the exhibits given to the Museum will be properly secured. They will also be able to serve future generations.

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