The Light of Remembrance - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

On February 10, 1940 took place first mass deportation of Polish citizens into the Soviet Union. During each anniversary of the tragedy we mention the victims of all Soviet repressions.

Only during four mass deportations from 1940—1941, thousands of Polish citizens of Second Polish Republic were taken away to far East. They had to fight with adversity, that was put on them by the enemy government and raw nature. Some of them, mainly children and elderly, did not cope with the difficulties of exile and died in the foreign country. Those, who survived, after the years came back to the Motherland or spread out all over the world, looking for a new place.

The Light of Remembrance is for all of them. Each year on February 9 as dusk comes we gather in front of the building of the Sybir Memorial Museum. There are Sybiraks, inhabitants of Bialystok, the city authorities and other guests – the ceremony is open for all. We light candles, which light up the track leading from the center of the Museum to East.

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