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28 March 2023

Free visit to the Sybir Memorial Museum — change!

Attention! The day where you can visit the permanent exhibition of the Sybir Memorial Museum for free has changed.

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Since April, you will be able to visit the Sybir Memorial Museum free of charge on Wednesdays.

Admission to the exhibition will be possible after picking up a free entry at the ticket office of the Museum at Węglowa 1 in Białystok — advance reservation is not possible. There is also no possibility to visit the permanent exhibition with a guide during free Wednesdays.

May we remind you! No fee applies only to an entrance ticket to visit the permanent exhibition. All the other services, including: renting an audio guide and renting a tablet with the multimedia guide application are payable and cost respectively 10 PLN and 20 PLN.

You’re welcome!

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