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25 January 2023

Another investment: temporary exhibitions space

The permanent exhibition at Węglowa 1 has been appreciated by the visitors and specialists from all over the country – in 2022 it won recognition in the prestigious museum Sybilla competition. In 2023 the Sybir Memorial Museum extends capabilities thanks to the investment in the temporary exhibitions space.

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The complete display system has just been commissioned, consisting of 20 modern display panels, 11 pedestals with display shades, and 2 display cases enabling the presentation of large objects, e.g. uniforms. An integral part of the investment is the multimedia system, which consists of: a LED backlit panel, 6 multimedia players, 3 projection screens, 3 touch screens, 3 directional loudspeakers and 3 single-speaker headphones. The exhibition is controlled by a unique application. Kasper Skirgajłło-Krajewski is the author of the executive design of the exhibition system.

— This is the end of the development process — said the Deputy Mayor of Bialystok, Rafał Rudnicki, at a press conference. A representative of the city authorities reported the costs of the investment. Its worth was PLN 938,319.03: PLN 196,953.30 was co-financed from the promotion of culture funds, PLN 137,104.90 thousand from the Sybir Memorial Museum’s own resources and PLN 604,260.83 from the city of Bialystok’s budget.

— We started in January 2017 in a small room at Sienkiewicza, six people — reminded the director of the Sybir Memorial Museum, professor Wojciech Śleszyński. — Today we finish with the most modern museum. A year ago we opened the permanent exhibition, but the investment cycle kept being continued. A week ago we informed about photovoltaic panels, and today we present to you the space that can be used in various ways — for the presentation of multimedia, objects, exhibitions. We will open the first, large, temporary exhibition in the fall. It must match the level of the main exhibition. We are planning one or two temporary exhibitions a year, but apart from that there will be various exhibition events.

When asked about the plans of the Sybir Memorial Museum for 2023, professor Śleszyński said: — We are preparing another Sybir Memorial Run, we are developing our new series. In August the international Memorial Peloton will take place. This year it will take place not only in Bialystok, but also in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. First of all, we continue the mission that the Mayor of Bialystok named for us — we are committed to establishing contacts with Sybiraks’ communities around the world, especially with the generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Sybiraks.

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