All Souls' Day 2023. Let us remember those who have gone... - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

7 November 2023

All Souls’ Day 2023. Let us remember those who have gone…

The November meeting, during which we remember those who have passed away over the last twelve months, is an important tradition both for the Sybir Memorial Museum and for the Białystok Siberian community.

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As every year, relatives and friends of Sybiraks who have left us gathered to reminisce at the Sybir Memorial Museum. The representatives of the Association of Siberian Deportees arrived, with the President of the Białystok Branch, Jolanta Hryniewicka in the lead, as well as the representation of the Community of the Grandchildren of Sybiraks, with its founder, Janina Rutkowska.

We had the opportunity to listen to the warm and gratitude testimonies that the children and grandchildren of the passed Sybiraks shared from the stage.

‘I feel that my grandmother is still with me, that’s why I’m not saying goodbye to her’ — said Adrianna Bułkowska, Czesława Bułkowska’s granddaughter, with emotion.

The atmospheric musical setting was provided by the members of the Etnosomnia quartet and baritone Maciej Nerkowski.

The ceremony was honored by handing the commemorative coins donated by the National Bank of Poland to the Association of Siberian Deportees and the Sybir Memorial Museum. Piotr Draus, Director of the Białystok branch of the National Bank of Poland handed the coins “Soviet aggression against Poland — September 17, 1939” and “the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of Poland September 17, 1993”to the President of the Association of Siberian Deportees Jolanta Hryniewicka and — on behalf of the Director of the Museum — to Katarzyna Śliwowska, Head of the Collection Department.

We also remember the Sybiraks who passed away in 2023 and whose stories remain insufficiently discovered. But let us honor their memory: Ireneusz Koprowski, Lidia Krawczuk, Bolesława Mazurek, Czesława Puchalska, Włodzimierz Rodziewicz, Alojzy Roszkowski, Leokadia Rymar, Witold Leon Słowikowski and all those who passed away in silence.

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