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30 June 2022

War in Ukraine and the idea of the “russian order”. Report — part two

We present the second part of the report ‘War in Ukraine and the Russian order’ by professor Wojciech Śleszyński

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It seems that a part of the Moscow prominent was assured that the Russian army entering Ukraine will be welcomed by its citizens (at least by the significant part) with kindness. The authorities of Western countries were also certain that the resistance would be negligible.

How did this conviction come about? And after all — what made it to be fundamentally untrue? This is what the next text of our report deals with — The war in Ukraine and the idea of the ‘Russian order’ by professor Wojciech Śleszyński.

We invite you to read part two of the publication!

We remind you: Our report in full will come out in September; it will be a richly illustrated bilingual (polish-english) publication. Every week we present new fragments of this volume.

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