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27 May 2021

The Sybir Memorial Museum is looking for volunteers

Sybir Memorial Museum encourages you to take part in volunteering programme “Zaangażowani” (“Commited”).

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On the 27th of May a volunteering programme called “Zaangażowani” (“Commited”) started in Sybir Memorial Museum. It is a process of recruiting candidates interested in co-creating modern museal institution.

During the informational meeting devoted to this initiative Przemysław Tuchliński- vice-president of the city of Bialystok, professor Wojciech Śleszyński- director of the Sybir Memorial Museum and Diana Wądołowska and Agnieszka Przedlacka- coordinators of the programme were present.

“Zaangażowani” (“Commited”) is a programme, thanks to which the Volunteers will gain real benefits from cooperating with the Museum. More to the gained experience, which will be useful in the future job, they will recieve substantive support and care from the coordinator, references, insurance, a free invitation to the Museum’s permanent exhibition, events and workshops, also a special welcoming pack. Volunteers will also take part in Museal Academy, which is a specialized, instructional programme, guaranting a professional preparation for voluntary work.

We encourage you to visit a special tab concerning volunteering in the Sybir Memorial Museum – Volunteering of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

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