#Remembered - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru


The Sybir Memorial Museum runs an action aiming at commemorating people deported to Sybir.

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The Sybir Memorial Museum looks for people, who will send their photos within the framework of the #Zapamiętani (#Remembered) action. Pictures should be sent through the contact form on the website  www.zapamietani.eu

Images of people, who decide to take part in the action will be in the final hall of the Sybir Memorial Museum. The photos, that have been sent so far can already be seen at the permanent exhibition.

The aim of the action is to commemorate people exiled to Sybir and their families — children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren — with the help of contemporary photographs.

How to take a good picture?

  • Picture should be taken in a vertical position by a camera or phone.
  • The best will be natural light.
  • Choose a neutral background and remove items from behind your back.

Pictures should show ¾ of the characters. The wrists frame should not be cut off!

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