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14 June 2023

Check out our educational proposals for the holiday

5,147 people took part in the educational workshops organized by the Sybir Memorial Museum in the school year 2022/2023. Despite the upcoming holidays, our educators do not stop working. We recommend our offer for the summer months.

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The proposals of the Sybir Memorial Museum are primarily activities for organized groups, assuming viewing a fragment of the exhibition (according to the subject of the meeting) and workshops in an educational classroom. There will also be guided tours and a unique meeting with an established comic books writer, Paweł Piechnik.

We offer five thematic workshops for children aged 7 to 12: “Exhibits, Memorabilia, Treasures”, “Peoples of Taiga”, “Siberia — a Land of Secrets”, “Polish Explorers of Siberia” and “I Met Him Playing Hooky in the Summer of 1939… — Alternative History Told Through a Comic Book”.

As part of the classes, participants will perform experiments, create jewelry and commemorative magnets, draw comic books, create maps and travel around Siberia thanks to augmented reality goggles.

Classes are provided for organized groups up to 30 people, but the minimum number of participants is 10 people — these can be participants of organized holidays, but also family members or friends who will sign up for the workshops together.

Meetings will be held from Tuesday to Friday at: 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Meetings will last approximately 60-80 minutes. The cost of participation in the workshops is only 10 PLN per person.

The inauguration of summer activities will take place on Saturday, July 1 at 9:30 a.m. with a unique workshop. Paweł Piechnik, a graphic artist and creator of comic books, will come to Białystok. Author of the two-volume comic book entitled “Sybir. My History. Based on Danuta Pietrzak’s Reports”, he will lead a three-hour workshop for everyone interested in creating comics.

In the theoretical part, the graphic designer will talk about how the script is created, how comics are produced, where to draw inspiration from. As part of the practice, workshop participants, under the supervision of Paweł Piechnik, will try to draw an alternative story of teenage Danuta — what would have happened if she had not been deported?

During the holidays, the Sybir Memorial Museum returns to the well-attended formula of Sunday guided tours. Beginning with July 2, every holiday Sunday at 9:45 a.m., visitors will be taken by a Museum employee on an exciting journey around the world of Siberia. The offer is addressed to individuals, who buy a ticket for 35 PLN regular and 30 PLN reduced.

Tickets for tours, the comic book workshop with Paweł Piechnik or thematic workshops for organized groups can be booked by phone or e-mail at the ticket office of the Sybir Memorial Museum: phone number: +48 85 672 36 00 or


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