Books from the Slavic Library in Prague - Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

19 March 2021

Books from the Slavic Library in Prague

Thanks to the cooperation we had established, we received publications that are difficult to obtain!

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Over 800 kilometers! Such a distance was covered by books which, thanks to the cooperation with the Slavic Library in Prague, were included in our collections! The Slavic Library is a part of the Czech National Library (Národní knihovna ČR) and the largest specialist library of this type in Central Europe. It was established in 1924 as the Russian Library of Foreign Affairs, and since 1927 it has been operating under its present name. The library collects and makes available Slavic literature, historical and philological works.

The Slavic Library also houses the Polish Department – the second largest after the Russian one. We are very pleased that it includes publications issued by the Sybir Memorial Museum, which will be available to Czech readers.

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