Promoting the latest publication of the Sybir Memorial Museum

In mid-April we had the pleasure to visit the Polish Diaspora and Poles in the World High School in Augustów where the author’s meeting with Henryka Pagniello and promotion of the book “Była taka rodzina” (“There was a family like that”) took place.

The book was published by the Sybir Memorial Museum. The gathered were greeted by prof. Wojciech Śleszyński - director of the Museum, together with the headmaster of the high school - Barbara Koronkiewicz and Danuta Kaszlej - president of the Home Army Historical Club in Augustów. Professor Śleszyński also invited to visit the Sybir Memorial Museum and encouraged to support its creation by handing over items which are a testimony of exile.

The presented memories open a new publication cycle of the Sybir Memorial Museum. Collecting the relations and memories of the Siberians is an important part of the Museum's mission, which makes it possible to recreate the history of people experiencing the trauma of exile to Siberia.

The book is available at the seat of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

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