Photorelation from the presentation of the book "They came from the East"

On Thursday afternoon, in the Podlasie Library of Łukasz Górnicki was held the presentation of the book 'They came from the East. The Soviet occupation of the eastern lands of the Second Polish Republic (1939-1941)'. The book was written by Prof. Wojciech Śleszyński and PhD Marcin Zwolski and it was published by the Sybir Memorial Museum. The meeting was hosted by a journalist - Dorota Sokołowska.

The authors told, among others about how the work on the book looked like and what kind of difficulties they faced while creating it.

The publication 'They came from the East' can be bought in our online store and in the Education and Promotion Department of the Siberian Memorial Museum - str. Henryk Sienkiewicz 26, Białystok.

photo: W. Tokarski

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