Bookfair "Students for Sybir Deportees"

„Students for Sybir Deportees” is an unique event organized by “Group East” Association, Odra-Niemen Association and History Students Science Club of Białystok University. On 5 and 6 of December 2017 the hall of the Faculty of History and Sociology turned into a crowdy bookfair visited  by dozens of donors and book seekers. Most of the books for sale were given as donations by students and the event’s partners including Sybir Memorial Museum.

The whole income was destinated for the reconstruction of a church in Siberian village named Białystok. The temple was built in 1908 by Polish settlers and displaced persons. It was the last of such chapels in the West Siberia functioning to modern times. On the night of 18 to 19 April 2017 the church burned down to the ground mysteriously. Only brick foundations survived the blaze.

Together we collected a sum of 3266,00 Polish Zlotys. We would like to solemnly thank everyone for support and participation in the event. 

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