“We Won the Life. From the Kresy to the Anders Army"

With the volume of memories of Edward Pieńkos, the Sybir Memorial Museum continues the series "Memories and Relations." The choice of these memories is not accidental. On the occasion of the centenary of regaining independence, we wanted to emphasise the relationship of Polish exile dramas of the period of Second World War in the history of the so-called 'Easter Borderlands' (Polish: Kresy Wschodnie) of The Second Polish Republic. These lands paid the greatest tribute of blood during the Soviet repression of 1939-1941.

Edward Pieńkos came from a generation born in the 1920s, educated in the spirit of patriotism, love for the regained homeland. Together with him, we travel through borderland locations, and the exact, emotional way of recording observations and experiences allows us to move almost for a moment to the streets of Słonim, Lipniszek or Lida. Description of a stay in Kazakhstan is a kind of study of human's transformation. On a steppe came an innocent teenager who was immaculately brought up and deeply believed in ideals. The following months spent on 'inhuman land' caused that he quickly grew up and renounced many of his professed values. The story of the trail he took to join the Anders' Army is so improbable that only life could have written it. It is worth getting to know this history.

The publication is already available in our online shop:

E. Pieńkos, „Wygraliśmy życie”. Z Kresów do Armii Andersa, ed. J. Owłasiuk, M. Zwolski, Białystok 2018, pp. 108.

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