Centre for Scientific Research - East

The purpose of the scientific and popular science activities carried out within the Centre for Scientific Research East is to discover and popularise knowledge related to the subject of exiles, deportations and the fate of Poles in Siberia as well as the living conditions of the Polish community in the eastern lands of the Republic of Poland. The chronological scope of undertaken scientific activities regards the period from the 17th century to modern times, with particular focus on World War II and four large-scale deportations of 1940-1941.

The task of the team forming the Centre for Scientific Research East is to initiate series of various, national and international scientific undertakings the aim of which is to show the whole spectrum of the complex subject of exile. Scientific objectives are planned to be achieved through activation of archival and library research, collection of stories, organisation of conferences, seminars and museum scientific sessions.

Within works carried out by the scientific department staff, scientific publications will be issued: monographs, development of sources, account collections. In 2017 publication of notebooks of the Sybir Memorial Museum in the form of popular science will be launched which in a clear and attractive graphical form will popularise knowledge about Polish fates in Syberia and former eastern lands of the Republic of Poland.

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