Eastern lands of the Second Republic of Poland are the area particularly affected by deportations of people deep into Russia. After the change of Polish borders as a result of decisions made at the conferences in Yalta and Teheran, Białystok and Podlasie became the only places within the borders of the current Republic of Poland from which deportations took place. Therefore, in a symbolic dimension it is hardly surprising that the institution documenting and illustrating these events was established in Białystok. The building of the Sybir Memorial Museum itself shall be located on the area of the pre-war Polish military warehouses which are directly adjacent to the former Brest railway line. In 1939-1941 military warehouses were taken over by the Red Army. It is here that a preliminary dislocation of arrested people took place, while from the nearby Poleski railway station (currently Białystok Towarowy) transports to the East departed. A dramatic journey of thousands of people deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan started on railway sidings.

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