The President of the City of Białystok handed the keys to the new Sybir Memorial Museum’s headquarters

Tadeusz Truskolaski - the President of the City of Białystok, handed Wojciech Śleszyński - the director of the Sybir Memorial Museum, the keys to the new Museum's building. The official handing of the keys took place in a building at Węglowa 1str. in Białystok.

The completion of construction works

The investment was completed in less than 18 months, one month before the planned date. Its contractor - the company Budimex - rebuilt the existing warehouse at Węglowa str. (with an area of approx. 3,100 m2) to the needs of the exhibition. It also built a new part (with an area of almost 2.4 thousand m2) to the needs of technical and administrative facilities back. The company also took care of the land development around the Museum and the construction of parking lots. The cost of this stage of the investment is over PLN 37.5 million.

Today I am handing over the keys to the new museum's headquarters with satisfaction and pride. We are in the last phase before the opening the institution - the construction of the permanent exhibition. Soon inhabitants and tourists will be able to visit this place and learn about the history of Poles who were deported into the depths of Russia - said Tadeusz Truskolaski, the President of the City of Białystok.

Jan Kabac's ‘Arkon’ studio is responsible for the design of the new headquaters of the Sybir Memorial Museum. The approval processes of the new Museum's building began in mid-November. The next stage is the construction of the permanent exhibition.

The construction of the permanent exhibition

This part of the investment will be taken care by the company Deko-Bau Sp. z.o.o., which will build the permanent exhibition and provide special equipment based on the project of Belgian company Tempora S.A. . The works will start this month.

For several months many specialists and Museum's employees have been working on preparing the substantial content of the exhibition. The permanent exhibition will combine chronology with a thematic story. The content which presents the history of the deportations of Poles to Siberia will fill nearly 2,000 sq m of the exhibition. It will be divided into three thematic segments, with the prominently displayed  of years of 1939-1945. A separate story will be narrated in each section and it will be integrated into the individual time frame. Together, all the stories will build a great story about the fate of people who had to live in Siberia. The building's architecture will tend to divide the visit to the Museum into two main topics: travel and life in exile.

Białystok received one of the most beautiful buildings in the city nowadays. Now, we have to construct ‘its heart’ the permanent exhibition at the Sybir Memorial Museum, which we are intensively working on. We will create a memory space there, we will narrate a story about Polish families living in very difficult conditions, away from their homeland added Wojciech Śleszyński, the director of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

Works on the construction of the permanent exhibition will end in 2021. The planned total cost of this stage is PLN 10,947,753.47, including the contribution of European funds which is PLN 6,783,630.07.

The project 'Implementation Of A Permanent Exhibition And Purchase Of Equipment For The Needs Of The Sybir Memorial Museum" is implemented under the measure 'Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources' - the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


photo. Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano

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